£30 to sponsor a player/management team for a season.  No restriction on the number of sponsorships per player.

In return each sponsor will receive their name / business name, against the player(s) photo in the matchday programme and on the website. At the end of the season, everybody who has sponsored a player will have their name put into a draw to win a signed matchball! Please note that there can be more than 1 sponsor per player

To sponsor, please contact Claire Paine : or 07887 778266

Player Sponsor
Jamie Bulpitt  Frankie Robertshaw
 Bill Beaney
TJ Cuthbertson  SouthCoastBuildingNewLogo
Dean Faithfull  DansachLogoWhite
Ryan Gosney DureyCastings
Stuart Green  EmeraldMotorShirtLogo1
Jake Hoole  Shropshire Grandad
Byron Mason  BrayberRecruitment
Dan Mason PowerplusWhite
Marlon Mason  Dominic Ing-Seaborne
Marv McLean  TrickettNew1
Dan Miller


 Marie Fielder & Jon Newell

Aidan Radford  bartletts 4x5
Owen Roundell  Andy & Dave Jones
Owen Royl  DansachLogoWhite
 Bill Beaney
Alex Sawyer  BrayberRecruitment
Brad Targett  The Alex Exiles
Lee Wort  EmeraldMotorShirtLogo1