Main Sponsorship (£500 +VAT) per player (only one sponsor available per player)

1 Main sponsor per player - 2 x pitchside banners, Company logo on Players page in programme and on website, social media link, Free Match admission x 2, man of the match pitch presentation, opportunities with photos.  

£30 + vat  (£36 total) to be a General Sponsor of a player or manager for a season.  No restriction on the number of sponsorships per player.

In return each sponsor will receive their name / business name, against the player(s) photo in the matchday programme and on the website. At the end of the season, everybody who has sponsored a player will have their name put into a draw to win a signed matchball.

To sponsor, please contact Claire Paine : or 07887 778266

Player / Management
 Main Sponsor
Dean Frampton He ManDualControls
Ryan Gosney StephensonSons
Byron Mason MJFarringtonBannerV2
Dan Mason PowerplusWhite
Marv McLean Orbit4Banner
Jake Cope
Ideas Alchemy Banner Design
Brad Targett SynergyPersonnel2022

Player / Management
 General Sponsor
Jake Adams AndyDaveJones In memory of Stan Jones, Husband, Dad & Grandad
Jake Cope
TJ Cuthbertson
Dave Diaper  Pamela Bennett
 Bill Beaney
Marc Diaper  Bill Beaney
Jake Flannigan
Rob Flooks
Ryan Gosney  DureyCastings
Jake Hesketh
Byron Mason
Dan Mason
Marv McLean
Dan Miller
Owen Roundell
Brad Targett BradTargettGroutMark & Liam Grout
Charlie Wagstaffe
Theo Widger TrophymanBanner ONE